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Ginny Ray wrote on Aug 25th

I love seeing Alan & Stephanie at the race events I do. He brings so much life and fun to the photos taken. He truely gets the best side of people. Great photos and great job! Look forward to seeing you at future events! Carolyn Kennett wrote about this gallery one year ago

Thank-you, Alan and Stephanie, for the lovely photos of our Englewood Relay for Life 2012!! I especially like the picture frame photos and the HOPE Luminaria message. You captured the excitement and enthusiasm of the teams of our community as we "STRIKE OUT CANCER"!! Thank-you for sharing your talents!! Carolyn K. Event Organizational Chairman :0)

Moraima wrote one year ago

Alan is the best photographer without a doubt. He has done my daughter's wedding pictures, my parents old pictures with an ocean view background and my store pictures for our website, our family portrait and so much more. My list is endless! So when I tell you he can really make your pictures come to life, he does. If you pay attention to what your looking at, you can see the peoples' feelings by their expression captured in each picture. Alan I must say, it took you awhile but you really found the gift given to you by your creator. Since we all have a gift, the hard part is finding "it". Maybe it's because you are complete with your soulmate Stephanie. Since we're all human and limited by time, I encourage those reading this comment to give Alan a try and see how he can capture your most memorable moments that will never happen again. Remember we all live in the present and the only way to keep your memories alive is to let Alan capture those special moments. Alan, may God continue to bless you and bring joy to others through your photography

Sandy Gerdeman wrote one year ago

I just have to write this to Alan and Stephanie... Alan did the photography for my wedding a couple of weeks ago. He was extremely professional and caring in his work and relationship with my husband and me. He did an excellent job in shooting us and what we were all about and not just posing us. He is someone I would highly recommend for any professional photography you might need. You can contact me at any time for a referral. I just loved working with both he and Stephanie! Thanks for all you did for Rick and I! Sandy Matthews Gerdeman

Leslie wrote two years ago

It was wonderful to have Alan as the photographer for my friend's wedding. He's done terrific photos of my children in the past and I knew he would do a great job for my friend's wedding. Not only was it a wonderful day, but thanks to Alan we all have the beautiful photos to remember the day by forever. Thanks Alan and I can't wait for another opportunity to utilize your fabulous talent of photography!! Melissa & Jimmy wrote about this gallery two years ago

Wow.....how to even begin, except to say what an amazing man and photographer! We were introduced to Alan by a mutual friend and we first experienced his amazing work when he did our engagement pictures! Which by the way, he went above and beyond what we had ever even expected! The pictures were amazing, we fell in love with his artistry, kindness, and professionalism. He then did our wedding, which all I can say is BEAUTIFUL!! The pictures, detail, and creativity were most impressive and again beyond our imagination! Our praises do not do justice, I am positive, to the absolute amazing quality of work and satisfaction we have in Alan. All in all, Alan is a master of photography, a generous person who wants to share his passion of photography with his clients and not nickel and dime them, and a man who values the relationships he builds from his photos and clients. He is more than our photographer, he is our friend and we are excited to have Alan record many future memories!!! Kim Sayre-Arnold wrote about this gallery three years ago

Having known Alan as a customer at Dutch Valley Restaurant and already seeing some of his astounding work, I chose him for my very simple Memorial weekend wedding. Alan went way above what I had expected from him. We were on a budget and I would have purchases everyone of his 191 photos he took if I could. It was very hard to choose the ones I was getting due to the great artist ways he went about shooting our wedding. He and Stephanie were a delight to work with and he gave me everything I asked for and then some. What an artist this wonderful person is. You are in the best field you can be. I will send any photo business I run into your way. Thank you for making Glenn and I's day so special. God bless you and your wife forever. Love you both, Kim & Glenn Sayre-Arnold, Sarasota, FL

Veronica wrote three years ago

Alan truly has the ability to see life "in pictures." He captures beautiful moments that might have otherwise been missed by a photographer who was not patient enough to let the scene unfold, and become that magical moment that will forever be frozen in time. To me, pictures are a priceless treasure, and Alan is definitely someone who can be trusted to make them beautiful, unique and truly memorable. Thank you, Alan - I look forward to working with you more in the future!

My experience using Alan Rodriguez as our photographer has been wonderful. We first used Alan for our family portraits, he did a superlative job. He was quick efficient, and posed us in flattering ways. It was natural then, that we used him again for our daughter’s 10th birthday party. He posed the adult guests well, and photographed the kids in action shots. We now have an album to remember the occasion that is shown to one and all. I would give the highest recommendation to Alan, without reservation. Sincerely,

Milt -- Sarasota, FL

Alan, You are an amazing photographer. You always capture the most gorgeous shots and always aim to please. You are definitely a very talented individual. You have such a passion when it comes to your work. One thing I love about you is that you don’t shoot just to take the picture you actually take your time and wait for the best shot. I have had so many comments on my wedding photos. You are definitely in the right field of work. Not only are you my photographer but you are my best friend. I love you and Stephanie and I am thankful that I met you both. Besides you being an awesome photographer you are an awesome teacher too. Thank you for all your wonderful work but also thank you for being a good friend

Renee -- Sarasota, FL

Alan does a great job. Not only are his pictures fabulous, but he is very professional and actually listens to what his clients want. He listens so that he can envision what his clients are picturing in their heads. In return his work comes out costume to each client. For the best photographer choose ALAN RODRIGUEZ.

Jacob Taylor -- Sarasota FL

Alan, Thank you so much. Your job was an excellent work of art. I loved ALL the pictures you took, especially the way you organized the wedding album. I love it! You’re a great & fun person to work with. Alan, you have a great sense of humor; so I’m looking forward to working with you again. You did an amazing job! Thank you.

Lixyibeth -- Sarasota, FL

Alan did a beautiful and creative job. His post-event ideas were wonderful. (Ask him about composite 5x7 or 8x10 “thank you” photos for the wedding party - ask to see ours as a sample. Also ask to view our absolutely stunning album. Unbelievable!!! and worth every cent. He was also the most “invisible” photographer I’ve ever worked with. He caught photos that I didn’t know he’d taken. Truly an artist with a camera - and a nice guy, too.

Kate -- Bradenton, FL

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